Expertise, software, research, development, and educational services for science.
    real-time seismology rapid data analysis, event detection, location and characterization for tsunami and earthquake early warning, earthquake monitoring, volcano monitoring, microseismic monitoring, mine and cavity hazard monitoring, ...
    earthquake location seismic and hydroacoustic event location, probabilistic global-search location, 3D models, absolute and relative location, teleseismic/regional/local/microseismic scales, network performance and design, seismicity studies, ...
optimization global search methods - importance sampling, genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, ...
visualization interactive, graphical analysis and dissemination of scientific information
Java powerful and interactive applets and stand-alone applications
internet software for analysis and dissemination of information on the internet for scientists, the public and education
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curriculum vitae a short biographical sketch for Anthony Lomax
publications scientific publications of Anthony Lomax
science research and development projects and publications for seismology by Anthony Lomax
software free, downloadable software for earthquake analysis and visualization
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