Running Java with a proxy or firewall

If you use a proxy or firewall, or if you get the message: Connection timed out: connect, you may need to run Java programs with special command line arguments.  For example, for QuakeExplorer use a command of the form:

[JAVA_PATH]java  -cp CLASS_DIR/QuakeExplorer.jar  -DproxySet=true  -DproxyHost=ipAddressOrHostname -DproxyPort=portNumber  net.alomax.quakeexplorer.QuakeExplorer

where ipAddressOrHostname is the ip address or hostname of your proxy server (i.e. and portNumber is the numerical port number (i.e. 8080). Your system manager should be able to supply you with these values. (You may also be able to find them in the preferences for your web browser. i.e. Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Proxies in Netscape 7; Tools->InternetOptions->Connections->Settings in Internet Explorer 6)