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Install using one of the followoing options:

Instructions for using the Java archive TauP_NLL.jar:
1.  Download the Java archive TauP_NLL.jar to a convenient java archive directory
2.  Make sure TauP_NLL.jar is on your java classpath

Instructions for using the class with TauPToolkit:
1.  Download, install and test the TauPToolkit (see
2.  Copy the file TauP_Table_NLL.class to the TauPToolkit class directory (.../edu/sc/seis/TauP/)

To test and use

1.  Run:
	java -help
    to see the help for TauP_Table_NLL
2.  Create and run a script using TauP_Create and TauP_Table_NLL to generate NonLinLoc Grid files for the travel times from a surface source.
    (see - Example script to run TauP_Table_NLL to generate travel times in the ak1365 model for the whole earth (0-180 deg))
3.  Plot the travel times using GMT
    (see - Example script to plot travel time grids generated by TauP_Table_NLL)