LocSum - combine location results

LocSum combines NLLoc location results and PDF "scatter-cloud" samples from a number of events.


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The LocSum utility combines single event NLLoc location files (Hypocenter-Phase files and binary Scatter files) into a single set of summary location files.

For flexibility, the LocSum utility takes most of its parameters from the command line.


Running the program - Input

The LocSum utility takes several of command line arguments.

Synopsis: LocSum SizeGridRoot decimFactor OutRoot LocRoot [Len3Max [ProbMin [RMSMax [NRdgsMin [GapMax]]]]]


SizeGridRoot (chars)
full or relative path and root name (no extension) for a 3D Grid Header file. The grid dimensions in this header file are used to create an empty grid buffer and new grid header file with root name OutRoot.
decimFactor (integer)
decimation factor (decimFactor > 0) for decimating the number of PDF Scatter samples. Every decimFactor-th sample is saved to the output files.
OutRoot (chars)
full or relative path and root name for output files.
LocRoot (chars)
full or relative path and root name (no extension) for one or more NLLoc single Event Location files. Mulitple root names may be specified using standard UNIX "wild-card" characters (* and ?); however, if any "wild-card" characters are used then the path and root name must be enclosed in double quotes (") to prevent the shell from evaluating the "wild-card" characters.
Len3Max (float)
maximum length in kilometers of the longest ellipsoid semi-axis at maximum likelihood hypocenter.
ProbMin (float)
minimum value of probability at maximum likelihood hypocenter.
RMSMax (float)
maximum RMS in seconds at maximum likelihood hypocenter.
NRdgsMin (integer)
minimum number of readings used for location.
GapMax (float)
maximum azimuth gap in degrees at maximum likelihood hypocenter.


  1. See the Definitions section of the NonLinLoc Control File documentation for more information on datatypes.


  1. LocSum dursum0 1 dursum "dur.*.*.grid0.loc"

    Using an existing 3D Grid Header file dursum0.hdr to determine the grid size, creates a dummy grid buffer file, a grid header file, a set of summary Hypocenter-Phase files, binary Scatter files, and a set of ASCII Scatter files for each location in the current directory with root name "dur.*.*.grid0.loc". The output files are written to the root name dursum. The scatter samples are not decimated since decimFactor = 1.



The LocSum utility creates the following files:

  1. A summary Hypocenter-Phase file named OutRoot.hyp. This file includes SCATTER blocks.
  2. A summary binary Scatter file named OutRoot.scat.
  3. A set of summary ASCII Scatter files for x-y, x-y and z-y projections, named OutRoot.scat.ext, where ext = XY, XZ, ZY for sample locations in kilometers and ext = longlat.XY, longlat.XZ, longlat.ZY for sample locations in degrees of latitude and longitude and depth in kilometers. These ASCII formats are compatible with the GMT plotting package.
  4. A 3D Grid Header file named OutRoot.hdr and an empty 3D Grid Buffer file named OutRoot.buf. These file are created to insure compatibility with post-processing programs and utilities.

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Anthony Lomax