EVN-Everest Broadband Seismometer (vertical BHZ component)
EvK2CNR Pyramid International Laboratory-Observatory, Khumbu Valley, Everest, Nepal
OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale)

39-day seismogram from 24 April to 01 June 2015 at station EVN, Everest, Nepal

Seismogram visualization made with SeisGram2K.      The facilities of the IRIS Data Management Center were used for access to te ENV waveforms.

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EVN-Everest daily seismograms since 1 week before 25 April 2015 M7.8 Nepal earthquake mainshock
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    - Time is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Nepal Standard Time (NST) has a time offset from UTC of +5:45.

Further information:
    - List of earthquakes in Nepal in 2015: seismonepal.gov.np
    - General information on these and other large earthquakes: Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments (IRIS Education & Public Outreach and The University of Portland)

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