Java SeedLink development

Anthony Lomax

ALomax Scientific
Mouans-Sartoux, France


Java SeedLink and associated software development is supported by:
MEREDIAN - European Union Project (EVR1-CT-2000-4007)

Also see: MEREDIAN - Java SeedLink development, Orfeus Newsletter, 6:2

Last Updated: 25Sep2017
ver: 1.2.2 25Sep2017 - Modified by Kevin Frechette: to support offsets other than 64 bytes (e.g. and to support Guralp's seedlink server.
ver: 1.2.1 29Jan2013 - Bug fixes by Kevin Frechette: fixed offset of 64 bytes to the beginning of data in mseed packet replaced by determination of the offset and the data length from the FSDH.
Archive of previous distributions

SeedLink software (developed by GEOFON) supports TCP/IP real-time data communication via dedicated and dial-up links and Internet. Provides real-time and delayed, seismic trace data retrieval.

Project component



Java packages nl.knmi.orfeus, nl.knmi.orfeus.seedlink, nl.knmi.orfeus.seedlink.client

Implementation in Java of the C library libslink and a Java version (nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient) of the example program slclient.c from libslink.

SeedLink INFO packet support with parsing of XML into a Java org.dom4j.Document data structure (see class nl.knmi.orfeus.seedlink.XMLParser).

nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient example command lines:

java -cp seedlink_<VER>.jar nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient -h

java -cp seedlink_<VER>.jar nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient -i ID

java -cp seedlink_<VER>.jar nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient -i STATIONS

java -cp seedlink_<VER>.jar nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient -vvv -S GE_STU:BHZ

   (use Ctrl-C to stop data collection)
SeisGram2K - SeedLink Monitor
In SeedLink Monitor mode SeisGram2K connects to one or more SeedLink servers, requests one or more data streams, and appends and displays new data packets as they are received in near-realtime.

A status panel to the left of each trace group show the data (Lf) and feed (Lf) latency with configurable colors for different latency time limits.
QuakeExplorer supports viewing parametric information and displaying near-realtime streams with SeisGram2K SeedLink Monitor from a SeedLink server.