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Seismicity Viewer version 5.0

3D seismicity visualization tool

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The Seismicity Viewer is a Java program for interactive viewing of earthquake locations in a 3D space.

Seismicity Viewer displays earthquake locations in 3D as probability density functions (PDFs), maximum-likelihood hypocenters, Gaussian expectation hypocenters and Gaussian confidence ellipsoids. Station locations, associated P and S residuals, and geographic and geologic features are also displayed. The 3D image can be interactively rotated, zoomed and viewed along the coordinate axes in perspective or orthographic projections. The events can viewed individually, all together, or sequentially as an animation.

Seismicity Viewer can read earthquake location data over the internet.

Version 5.0 includes:
  • Configurable plotting of latitude/longitude grids and many more enhancements to plotting elements (see Help->Help->Running,arguments
  • Plotting of rays on focal sphere
  • Auto-scaling, 3D reference axes (rectangluar mode only)
  • Interactive interface to create plots with the NLL utility Grid2GMT (UNIX and Linux only)
Other features:
  • global 3D view showing the whole earth, with coastlines and plate boundaries
  • (preliminary) support for displaying the NonLinLoc "GLOBAL-mode" regional/teleseismic locations in spherical coordinates
  • a search mode to obtain event lists directly over the internet from the "USGS/NEIC (PDE) 1973 - Present", "USGS/NEIC (PDE-Q) Most Recent Events", and the "NOAA Significant Worldwide Earthquakes" catalogs hosted by NEIC
    NOTE: due to a change on the NEIC website, to use the search mode you must otain the current version of SeismicityViewer v3.0.0X04 (01Aug2003) see
    Seismicity Viewer software guide
  • a new Information Window containing lists of displayed events and event phase data
  • plotting of a 2D image file (GIF) as a horizontal surface
  • plotting of 3D symbols
  • navigation toolbar
  • automated saving of snapshots
  • plotting of surfaces in 3D
  • event display filtering
  • focal mechanism display filtering
  • variable line widhts
  • (preliminary) support for reading and displaying shapefiles (requires shapefile.jar on your Java classpath)

The Seismicity Viewer is written in the Java language. Because it is graphics intensive, the viewer runs best on a recent computer with high performance graphics hardware.


Try the Seismicity Viewer

You can try online these applet Seismicity Viewers (Be patient, the applet and data may take a while to load!):


Download and install the Seismicity Viewer:

Seismicity Viewer software guide

(Most recent beta release)

NOTE: due to a change on the NEIC website, to use the search mode you must use a version of SeismicityViewer later than v3.0.0X04 (01Aug2003)


Support Seismicity Viewer development

The development and maintenance of Seismicity Viewer is funded entirely by software and research contracts with Anthony Lomax.  If you have a specific development or research request concerning Seismicity Viewer or other open source software, please contact Anthony Lomax or visit the Scientific Software web site.  Thanks!


Any Questions? Comments? Please e-mail to Anthony Lomax.

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