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Software for the Observation, Analysis and Understanding of Seismological Information

(Most recent beta releases)


Probabilistic, global-search earthquake location in 3D media

Earthquake location, velocity model construction, travel-time calculation, and visualization.
Language: C (UNIX/Solaris/Linux/MacOSX/...) binaries), Audience: Seismologists

Seismicity Viewer

Java application and applet for 3D visualization of earthquake seismicity

Interactive, animated, 3D visualization of hypocenters and associated probabilistic errors, error-ellipses, residuals and geographic data.
Language: Java (applet), Audience: Seismologists, Schools, Public


Java application and applet for seismogram visualization and analysis

Interactive visualization and basic analysis of earthquake seismograms; also a near-realtime, data-monitoring mode "SeisGram2K-SeedLink".
Language: Java (stand-alone and applet versions), Audience: Seismologists, Schools, Public

Java SeedLink

Implementation in Java of the C library libslink and a Java version (nl.knmi.orfeus.SLClient) of the example program slclient.c from libslink.

Real-time and delayed, seismic trace data retrieval. SeedLink software (developed by GEOFON) supports TCP/IP real-time data communication via dedicated and dial-up links and Internet.
Language: Java, Audience: Seismologists, Network software developers


A general purpose, broad-band, phase detector and picker

Real-time seismic monitoring, earthquake early-warning, off-line seismic processing. Uses an efficient algorithm which operates stably on continuous, broadband signals, and produces onset timing, realistic timing uncertainty, onset polarity and amplitude information.
Languages: Java and C (UNIX/Solaris/Linux/MacOSX/...) source), Audience: Seismologists, Network software developers


Earthquake Internet Browser and Analysis Tool

The QuakeExplorer browser lets you rapidly explore, visualize and analyze the latest earthquake events and associated seismic traces over the Internet. For visualization, QuakeExplorer launches the Java applications SeismicityViewer and SeisGram2K...
Language: Java (stand-alone), Audience: Seismologists, Schools, Public

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