NonLinLoc - Installing and Running the Sample-Location Tutorial for Regional and Teleseismic Events

(NonLinLoc GLOBAL mode - spherical coordinates)

Tutorial for the installation, running and visulaisation of the sample location problem.


Overview - Installing the sample location - Running the sample location tutorial - [NonLinLoc Home]



The following steps will lead you through the installation of files, the creation of a model grid and calculation of travel time grids, and the location and visualisation of the sample location.

Before doing the sample location, you must download and install:

  1. The NonLinLoc software (see the NonLinLoc Home page),
  2. Java, and the Java package TauPToolkit with the NonLinLoc Java class,
    1. If you do not have a recent version of Java available on your system (JRE (Java Runtime Environment - for end users), or Java SDK (Java Software Development Kit - for developers)), you can download Java from Sun for LINUX, Solaris, Macintosh and Windows.
    2. Download and install the "platform independent jar file" TauP.x.x.x.jar available at TauPToolkit into your java directory, i.e. my_java_dir  DO NOT UNPACK THE JAR FILE.
    3. Download the NonLinLoc Java class to the directory my_java_dir/edu/sc/seis/TauP/
    4. IMPORTANT: set your Java CLASSPATH to the file TauP.x.x.x.jar and to the directory my_java_dir, i.e.
  3. For visualisation, the Seismicity Viewer software (see the NonLinLoc Home page).,
  4. And, for postscript plotting, you need to have the the GMT plotting package available on your system.


Installing the sample location

To install on a UNIX system:

    Create a working directory, i.e.:

          mkdir $HOME/NLLoc

    Copy the samples tar file to this directory, i.e.:

          cp $HOME/download/NLLVersion_samples.tar.gz $HOME/NLLoc

    where: Version is the NNloc version you are using (i.e.       NLLoc3.03_samples.tar.gz).

    Go to the working directory, i.e.:

          cd $HOME/NLLoc

    Unzip and unpack the files:

          gunzip NLLVersion_samples.tar.gz
          tar -xvf NLLVersion_samples.tar

    This will create the directory nlloc_global_sample/ with sub-directories:
    loc/     obs/     run/    taup/
    and the files seismicitydefaults and

    Make the script executable:

          chmod a+x


Running the sample location tutorial

To run the sample location tutorial:
    Go to the samples directory, i.e.:

          cd $HOME/NLLoc/nlloc_global_sample

    Examine the UNIX/Linux shell script:, this script runs the tutorial and contains examples of the commands used to run and analyze NonLinLoc GLOBAL mode locations

    Make the script executable:

          chmod a+x

    To run the tutorial, enter:



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Anthony Lomax